Cuisine X by Xu Yuan has a few webisodes called “Diary of a Foodie”. ¬†One particularly hit close to what we are trying to do with our restaurant. The webisode is called Ancient Traditions:

About a quarter of the way through the video, there is a lady named Xu Yuan who runs a private kitchen called Cuisine X just outside of Hong Kong on a plot of land where she grows some organic produce. Everything she cooks is used with traditional cooking methods and some ancient equipment like the stone grinder to make her own homemade tofu. We are trying to track her down and learn from her, she seems to have hit the nail right on the head on making great tasting food from traditional recipes and cooking methods.

If any of you Hong Kongers out there know how to contact her, please let us know! She also has a restaurant in Wanchai, Hong Kong called Yin Yang in the JSenses building.

Also, the last segment of the video features a Vietnamese family that makes their own rice paper wraps the very traditional way by letting the rice paper soak up the evening and morning dew by laying them out right above the grass overnight to give them just the right amount of moisture after cooking them to a slight crisp.

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