Great Oaks CoHousing Dinner 6.9.10

Great Oaks CoHousing is an amazing community of 37 households in Ann Arbor that live in a close-knit neighborhood, which includes a community house. Each night, a different member of the community is responsible for organizing dinner. Luckily, one of our incredible coworkers and IT extraodinaire resides here and hooked us up with the opportunity to provide dinner for 50 people.

Since it was June, and not many people are craving steaming hot ramen soup, and we haven’t gotten our noodle recipe to a place where we felt comfortable cranking out 50 bowls in less than 15 minutes,  we went more toward the Korean style of meat, pickled veggies, lettuce wraps.  The meal was light and fresh on a humid, sunny day and a bit easier to execute with our lack of experience serving 50 people at a time.

slow roasted pork shoulder with an Asian spice rub, being pulled apart by our helpers

MENU (printed coop menu)


1. start with one of these:

-slow roasted pork shoulder with Asian spice rub

-Sauteed assorted mushrooms

2. wrap with one of these:

-lettuce leaves

-Korean perilla leaves

-guao bao steamed bun

3.  add a sauce

-ssam jang (Korean miso based dip)

-gochujang (Korean spicy miso)

-ginger scallion sauce

-hoisin sauce (black bean base)

-japanese spicy mayo

4. add rice & etc.

-white short grain rice

-rice mix (white short grain, black forbidden, red Bhutanese, rice germ stored brown rice, barley)

-quick pickled cucumbers

-quick pickled daikon radish

5. enjoy lavishly


-fresh, raw,  carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and peppers to dip

-tea soaked eggs in puh-er tea and asian spices


-Iron Goddess of Mercy iced oolong tea with ginger simple syrup

-fresh Asian pear slices

Ji Hye sauteing mushrooms

steamed buns

pork shoulder pulling

Overall, it went well, we received a good amount of feedback, and best of all, another notch in our belt with another tasting and experience with mass producing food.  We hope to do it again in the near future after we’ve mastered some more of our recipes and cooking/serving systems down.

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