West Coast 2011

It’s shocking to Ji Hye and I that we haven’t actually traveled together- minus a small roadtrip to Windsor or Chicago. Something always comes up and we’ve always had to travel to NYC separately. We finally got the opportunity to check out some Asian restaurants on the upper west coast, including the annual Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

Thanks to our coworkers and groups of foodie friends across the country, we came up with our “wish list” of restaurants and food carts to check out in each city. Goal: pace ourselves, eat as much [variety] as possible, and meet as many restauranteurs and artisanal producers as possible.  Find out what everyone else is cooking on the west coast, get menu ideas, and take notes on restaurant  flow/layouts- all in one week. We obviously didn’t hit every spot, but I think we got a pretty good bang for our buck.

Tentative Itinerary:

Seattle, Washington:

Din Tai Fung, Lemongrass, Seattle Deli, Thanh Tam, International District

Portland, Oregon:

The Grilled Cheese Grill, Ping [pok pok], The Dump Truck, Kim Jong Grillin, Namu Killer Korean BBQ, Korean Twist, Boolkogi Korean BBQ, Koi Fusion Truck & Restaurant, Pho Sam, Vietnamese Banh Mi, Frank’s Noodle House, Huong’s Viet Food, Clyde Common, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Powell’s Bookstore, Kin Restaurant, Tanuki, Slappy Cakes

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

Guu Japanese Yakitori, Gyoza King, Sea Harbor dim sum, Fortune House dim sum, PanDa Fresh Bakery Truck, Sha Lin Noodle House, Japa Dog

San Francisco/Berkeley:

Fancy Food Show, Spice Kit, Shangai Dumpling King, Ton Kiang, Minako, Le Sanctuaire, R&G Lounge, Bund Shanghai, True Sake, Mission Chinese, Spices, Grand Harbour dim sum, Teance, Slanted Door/Out the Door, Namu, Hodo Soy Beanery, Yong Kee, Li Po Cocktail Lounge, Buddge Lounge, Samovar Tea Lounge, Chez Panisse

More on where we DID go… did I mention this was a one week trip?

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